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Shrimp with Mango

This dish brings together two of the island’s most popular offerings: mango fruit and fresh seafood in the form of wok-seared shrimp. The mango is such a staple of Taiwanese cuisine that even the Taiwanese government’s official website lauds it as …

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Bean Curd with Stewed King Trumpet Mushrooms and Mango

In this recipe, tender pieces of king trumpet mushroom and bean curd are cooked slowly in a tangy, sweet-savory sauce and served with mango. [View high resolution


Bean Curd-Seaweed Rolls

Steamed bean curd rolls are a uniquely Taiwanese take on the ubiquitous Japanese sushi roll. Ingredients


Pickled Mustard with Pork Tripe

This traditional Taiwanese entree contrasts the piquant flavor of pickled Chinese mustard greens with the savory taste of slow-cooked pork tripe. [View high resolution image] Ingredients:

  • 1 cup pork tripe, precooked

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Seasoned Pumpkin

Halloween is not celebrated in Taiwan, but the pumpkin is nevertheless a popular seasonal ingredient. In this recipe, pumpkin is steamed and then seasoned with plum powder. [View


Seaweed Shrimp Rolls

This dish introduces cooked seafood, a staple of Taiwanese dishes, to the sushi roll.

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  • 1 lb ground pork or chicken
  • 15 pieces shrimp, chopped


Spiced Bean Curd

Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike may be surprised by this bean curd dish, which infuses plain baked tofu with barbecue flavor and Taiwanese spices. Bean curd is another name for tofu,

stuffed cucumbers sm

Stuffed Cucumbers

This dish brings together fresh cucumber slices and savory meat stuffing, a combination that will be familiar to fans of Chinese and Thai food who have also encountered the


Taiwanese-Style Siu Mai

If you have ever enjoyed a traditional Chinese dim sum meal, you probably had an opportunity to try Siu Mai, the hearty, open-faced pork dumplings that come in


Bean in the Green

[gallery]This dish is a contrast in textures: it pairs crisp daikon leaf with soft cooked broad bean. I have memories of eating this appetizer at restaurants in Taiwan

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