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Guava Tarts

[Via high resolution image] Guava is a round green fruit so common in Taiwan that it could be considered the Taiwanese pear. ¬†We have a guava tree in our backyard, which yields small, sweet fruits with many seeds, in contrast …

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Egg Tarts

[View high resolution image] These custard egg tarts are a common fixture at dim sum restaurants across the United States. They originated in Hong Kong in the

golden puff_sm

Golden Sesame Red Bean Puffs

Many traditional and old-fashioned Taiwanese desserts feature sweet potatoes or yams as a main ingredient. In this recipe, we use yam to make the puffs. Deep-frying


Banana Turnover

An empanada is a stuffed pastry turnover of Spanish origin, which takes on many different forms in bake shops around the world, from Portugal to the Philippines. Taiwanese

Eggless Mango Cheesecake

Photo by Kirti Poddar This recipe is a great summer dessert that can be prepared quickly and inexpensively. Bonus: since it requires no eggs,

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