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Bean Curd with Stewed King Trumpet Mushrooms and Mango

In this recipe, tender pieces of king trumpet mushroom and bean curd are cooked slowly in a tangy, sweet-savory sauce and served with mango. [View high resolution image] Ingredients Generally 2 bags king trumpet mushroom, washed and with the root …

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stuffed cucumbers sm

Stuffed Cucumbers

This dish brings together fresh cucumber slices and savory meat stuffing, a combination that will be familiar to fans of Chinese and Thai food who have also encountered the


Taiwanese-Style Siu Mai

If you have ever enjoyed a traditional Chinese dim sum meal, you probably had an opportunity to try Siu Mai, the hearty, open-faced pork dumplings that come in


Bean in the Green

[gallery]This dish is a contrast in textures: it pairs crisp daikon leaf with soft cooked broad bean. I have memories of eating this appetizer at restaurants in Taiwan


Cranberry-Chicken Salad Delight

Cranberries go hand in hand with turkey at Thanksgiving, but my children really seem to love cranberries and enjoy dried cranberries as a snack throughout the year. I


Microwave Roasted Peanuts

This oven-free recipe relies on a balance of moisture content and roasting time to produce the slightly crispy,  slight salty peanuts served as an appetizer at most

Stewed Eggs

Stewed eggs are hardboiled eggs with a salty-sweet, complex taste that comes from being repeatedly stewed in a mixture of spices.

  • 24 hard-boiled eggs, peeled
  • Water
  • 1 cup

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