Punctuated Paranoid Evasion – Sangeet Khalsa

A paranoid, haunted, percussive journey through a dark night shot through with unease and dread. The real, surreal, and/or imagined escape from all manner of creatures, apparitions, mental demons punctuated by brief periods of confused, anxious nail-biting with just enough time to take a few brief gasps of air before the actual/perceived pursuance continues. Basically the cadence of the mix simulating the feeling of being chased by something at night, maybe with a full moon and fog, through the woods, graveyards, dark alleys…

Animal Sounds / Lion, Panther, Leopard
2 Carnivores / Ghost and the Darkness
Little Girls / Venom Liars / Plaster Casts of Everything
Kavinsky / Flashback
Crystal Castles / Vanished
Jay Reatard / In the Dark
Radiohead / Climbing up the Walls
Animal Sounds / Dogs
Kavinsky / Wayfarer
Joy Division / Shadowplay (Live)
Dark World / The Coconuts
Twin Peaks Theme / ??
Gang Gang Dance / Desert Storm
Animal Sounds / Cricket
Crystal Castles / Violent Dreams
Judgement Day / The Hour is at Hand
Sigur Ros / Saeglopur
Dj Shadow / You Can’t Go Home Again

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