Annie Lin

John Verrochi

Casey Lauderdale

Ashley Lauren Saks

About The San Francisco Mixtape Society
The San Francisco Mixtape Society is a monthly event dedicated to the friendly art of making and exchanging music mixes. Everyone is invited to assemble a mix tape, mix CD or mix USB stick according to the theme. The mixes are traded over the course of the evening through a spirited raffle. The best mixtapes, as selected by the audience and by judges, win prizes. The Mixtape Society is free to attend and open to the public.

What To Bring
Create one music mix according to the theme and bring it with you to the event. Everyone who shows up with a mix will go home with a mix made by someone else. Mixes may be in any format: CD, USB stick, cassette, etc. Artwork is encouraged, but not required.

How To Join The Society
If you show up with a mix, you are automatically a member! The mixes are distributed by raffle, and everyone who shows up with music will leave with someone else’s mix CD or tape. As an added bonus, some people will also leave the event with other surprises, like a cookie, a new friend or some free swag from our generous sponsors.

Who Are You Guys
Some of us work in the music industry, and some of us work in marketing and advertising. We all love music, and we’d love to meet you. Get in touch with us here.