Tammy Zo Pollard – AYAKOB (Fools-Russian) [*Award Winner]

Fool Rush; Roger Eno and Peter Hamill
Act A Fool; Lil Jon + Three 6 Mafia
Daughter in the House of Fools Enon
Baby I’m Your Fool The Black Hollies
Easily Fooled Pavement
Sentimental Fool Roxy Music
Now I’m A Fool Eagles of Death Metal
Foolish Superchunk
Fool Cat Power
The Fool. The Meddling Idiot Melvins
Chain of Fools R.L. Burnside
I’m A Fool To Want You Kenny Lester
I Pitty The Fool Bobby Blue Bland
Fool’s Gold Lhasa De Sela
Heartaches of a Fool Willie Nelson
I Was the Fool Beside You for 2 Long Yo La Tengo
Nobody’s Fool Alex Chilton
Cool Fool Friction
Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool Ya Towns Van Zandt
Fool The RZA
Planet of Fools David Thomas & 2 Pale Boys