Loren from KUSF – No guilt – No remorse

Duke Ellington once said that there’s only 2 kinds of music; good and bad.


C-90 made from other mixtapes, recorded on Panasonic cassette dubbing deck. No fucking Dolby!
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Side A
The Troggs Tape
Barry White-Last Call
Celebrity Skin-SOS (Abba cover)
L7-Yummy Yummy Yummy
The Osmonds-Crazy Horses
Whodini-Five Minutes Of Funk
Captain & Tennille-Muskrat Love
Boney M-Rivers Of babylon
Sesame Street-Somebody Come & Play
Frankie Smith-Double Dutch Bus
The Runaways-Born To Be Bad

Side B
Queensryche-The Lady Wore Black
Europe-The Final Countdown
Little Richard (The Rev. Richard Penniman) Religious Testimony
The Move-Do Ya
Blue Oyster Cult-DEbbie Denise
News Report on Sarah Jane Moore & Lynette Sqeaky Fromme on Attempted Assassinations of President Gerald Ford
JOanie Sommers-Johnny Get Angry
The Sharades-Dumbhead
Unidentified Preacher-Religious Testimony
Rod McKuen-The Beat Generation
Sebastian Cabot-Like A Rolling Stone
Kim Fowley -Animal Man
The G.T.O.s-The Original G.T.O.s
Heathen Dan-I Like (Worlds Worst Records Rhino comp LP)
Kim Wilde-Kids In America