lena – and, i’m home

neighborhood #1 (tunnels) – arcade fire
we’re from barcelona – i’m from barcelona
black cab – jens lekman
decatur, or, round of applause for your stepmother! – sufjan stevens
gothenberg – maia hirasawa
the luckiest guy on the lower east side – magnetic fields
santa monica – everclear
san francisco – hello saferide
all the umbrellas in london – the magnetic fields
let’s get out of this country – camera obscura
tiny cities made of ashes – modest mouse
i left town – julie doiron
seattle – jeffrey lewis
streets of philadelphia – casiotone for the painfully alone
city of electric light – chad van gaalen
into brooklyn, early in the morning – innocence mission
the colors and the kids – cat power
city middle – the national
kansas city – okkervil river