Jody Amable – On The Couch

inspired by common and not-so-common phobias

Bright Eyes, “”At The Bottom of Everything”"
The Specials, “”Do The Dog”"
New York Dolls, “”Pills”"
The Animals, “”Boom Boom”"
The Who, “”Boris the Spider”"
Green Day, “”Suffocate”"
The Emerald Hill, “”Dr. Appleseed”"
The Kinks, “”All Of My Friends Were There”"
Daniel Johnston, “”Funeral Home”"
Johnny Cash, “”Ring of Fire”"
The Phenomenauts, “”Gravity”"
Operation Ivy, “”The Crowd”"
The Rumble Strips, “”Hands”"
The Arcade Fire, “”My Body Is A Cage”"
Frank Turner, “”Photosynthesis”"
Josh Ritter, “”Another New World”"