Gregg Biggs – Mugshot Memories

It all began when they sent Papa to Sing-Sing. We never knew for sure all of his crimes, but we were running scared from the start.

Mama ran off with the piano tuner and we resorted to selling shrapnel and stolen elephant tusks we snuck out of the natural history museum. It was a tough time, but we survived – all seven of us – in that little one-room cottage in the Berkeley Flats just before the floods came and they renamed it the Marina Extension.

Too bad what happened to Little Marcie who had been such a sweet kid with her cleft pallet and fondness for crab apples soaked in vodka. Who would have guessed such a pleasant little girl would end up on the bulletin boards of every post office along the Pacific Coast? Last we heard was that she was with the Lurk Larson gang in Spokane and disappeared into the wilds of Idaho. Some say she gave it all up and was running a little truck farm. Then we heard reports that she was running Boise Boyz, that notorious underground male brothel where errant Mormon lads padded their wallets with clandestine tomfoolery.

Brother Terrance did alright for himself posing as a priest and selling relics he smuggled out of the Vatican and sold to South Korean televangelical arms dealers. We heard that he ended up running a bingo joint and miniature golf course in Tel-Aviv and was doing quite nicely.

Etta James – “Feeling Uneasy”
Momus – “Murderers, the Hope of Women”
Nico – “Fearfully in Danger”
Josh White – “There’s a Man Comin’ Round Takin’ Names”
Brian Eno – “I’ll Come Running”
The Tyrones “Pink Champagne”
The Centurians – “Bulwinkle, Part II”
Sven Libaek – “Danger Reef”
Willy DeVille – “It’s So Easy”
Funkapolitan – “In the Crime of Life”
Caballero Reynaldo – “Torture Never Stops”
Yoko Ono – “Yes, I am a Witch”
David Boedinghaus – “Won’t You Fondle Me Medley”
Kid Creole and the Coconuts – “Stool Pigeon”
Beth Orton – “Stolen Car”
Los Campesinos! – “Death to Los Campesinos!”
Troublemakers – Black City
Bernard Hermann & Robert Deniro – Theme from “Taxi Driver” with dialogue
Tindersticks – “Trouble Every Day”
Nervous Norvus – “Dig”
Thomas Dolby – “I Scare Myself”
Xiu Xiu – “Vulture Piano”
Slapp Happy – “Who’s Going to Help Me Now?”
Dagmar Krause – “Deutsche Miserie”
Smog – “I Break Horses”
Cinematic Orchestra – “Burn Out”
Burl Ives – “Fooba Wooba John”
Peer Raben – Main Theme from “Veronika Voss”
Nancy Sinatra – “Run for Your Life”
Gil-Scott Heron – “Did You Hear What They Said?”
Echo and the Bunnymen – “The Killing”
Odyssey 9 – “Killer Robot!”
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra – “Killin’ Time”
Josh White – “Silicosis is Killing Me”
What Made Milwaukee Famous – “Resistance St.”
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – “Mean Son of a Gun”
Stars of the Lid – “That Finger on Your Temple Is the Barrel of My Raygun”
Jessica Hoop – “Murder of Birds”
Boyd Rice – Theme from “Rosemary’s Baby”