gabriel armstrong – your guilt is my pleasure

Side A is a roadmap of guilt and pleasure. Cocaine, violence, booze, strippers, everybody has guilty pleasures.

Side B is a perfect collection of cheesy guilty pleasure dance songs from the past 30 years. It includes 2 mashups, witch i consider the ultimate hollow and satisfying guilty pleasure.

side a:

Pleasure Is All Mine -Bjork
Party Sequence -Pink Floyd
Sex Freaks (ft Quasimoto) -Jaylib
Guilty Conscience -Eminem
Too Drunk To Fuck -Dead Kennedys
Drive You Faster -John Schooley
Cocaine Blues -Johnny Cash
Deep Guilty – Outlaw Blues Band
Drugs – Kool Keith
Deep Fried Frenz – MF Doom
Hey Nineteen – Steely Dan
Not Guilty (Take 102) (Harrison) – The Beatles
Guilty- Russ Columbo

side b:

I Feel For You -Chaka Khan
I Can’t Wait [Dance Mix] -Nu Shooz
Oh Sheila – Ready for the World
Music Sounds Better with You -Stardust
Lady Gaga + Taylor Swift + Crystal Waters -Wallpaper.
Little Secrets -Passion Pit
Feel It on the South Side (Birdman x Washed Out) -The Hood Internet
How Soon Is Now -The Smiths
Maneater -Hall and Oats