DJ Mashi Mashi – Mash it up!

“Mash it up” mixtape by DJ Mashi Mashi is a medley of tunes I (not so) secretly admire. Stuff like Alan Parsons and Suzi Q. was something my parents turned me on to. “Dancing in the moonlight” is a tune me and my buddy Stereo Steve like to sing when we’re walking the streets at night. “Rise” by Herb Alpert is an instant turn on, and songs like “Year of the cat” is stuff I like to sing in the shower. I threw in a couple cheesy current songs by lesser known artists like Ya Boy and Dirty Clergy. It’s hella cheesy but also very danceable, and instantly gets stuck in your head. Enjoy!

1) Alice Cooper “”No more Mr. Nice Guy”"
2) Liza Minnelli “”Dancing in the moonlight”"
3) Roxy Music “”More than this”"
4) Al Stewart “”Year of the cat”"
5) Alan Parsons Project “”Eye in the sky”"
6) Suzi Quattro “”Stumblin’ in”"
7) Tavares “”It only takes a minute”"
8) Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson “”Say, say, say”"
9) Herb Alpert “”Rise”"
10) Dirty Clergy “”My heart is breaking”"
11) Kiss “”I was made for loving you”"
12) Ya Boy “”We run L.A.”"
13) Pet Shop Boys “”In the night”"
14) Morrissey “”You have killed me”"
15) Ringo Starr “”You’re sixteen”"
16) Carly Simon “”Nobody does it better”"
17) Focus “”Hocus pocus”" (LP version)
18) Focus “”Hocus pocus”" (45 version)