dj coleo – city vs country

city vs country – jonathan richman
a weekend in the country – fred astaire
i love livin’ in the city – fear
thank god i’m a country boy – john denver
an open letter to nyc – beastie boys
place in the country – adam ant
in the city – the jam
detroit rock city – tom jones
urban – killer tracks
hollywood freaks – beck
wild in the country – elvis presley
city port – t. rex
country funk – southern culture on the skids
inner city pressure – flight of the conchords
los angeles – frank black
hillbilly happy smash – psychefunkupus
life without the cow – kids of midney high
cool city – danny elfman
country living – albert griffiths
viva las vegas – dead kennedys
it’s so peaceful in the country – tony bennett
city of love – persephone’s bees
old joe’s place – folksmen
country – killer tracks
i don’t wanna come to you on the farm – ween
a place in the country – george jones
nirvana – tom waits