Chandler White – Escape is Only Captivity by Choice

Not as grim as it sound: Captivity –> Chase –> Hide –> Final escape

Paris, Texas Rycooder
Walking in my Sleep Alabama3
Chicken Stew Part 1 Geoff Mulduar
Delia’s Psychedelic Walk 2 Delslia Derby Shire
OK Chicago Resonance
Auf Der Flucht Falco
Le Marche De Limoges The Swingle Singers
Sacred Child The Silencers
Run Fay Run Isaac Hayes
Pier Pressure Telsco Del Rey
Como Poden Ethan James
Quality (Quality’s Theme) Nelson Ridpee
I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind The Doors
Dead Presidents Theme Danny Elfman
Hiding All the Way Nick Cave & The Seeds
Rub Out Jeff Britton
Black Glove Goose
NYPD Blue The Sippo Wits
Air Raid GTR The Go Team
Courage Brian Eno
Something Big Tom Petty
Everyday I have to Cry Ike & Tina Turner
Tiwin Peaks Angelo Badamenti