Bret Salazar – Untitled

I tried to make two sides to this mix. The first one includes songs that deal with loving someone that you shouldn’t, or know that you will never see reciprocated. The second side is filled with the other guilty pleasures in life – drugs, toxic relationships, deviant sex, etc. Now I just need a cassette recorder to actually make it double-sided…

Screaming Lord Sutch – She’s Fallen In Love With a Monster Man
Elliott Smith – Twlight
Anjulie – Boom
Stereo Total – The Monster (Oh Qu’il Est Vilain)
Antony & The Johnsons – Fistful of Love (With Lou Reed)
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Later Operator*
The Decemberists – Los Angeles, I’m Yours
The Process – Poseidon’s Kiss
Josh Ritter with Blake Hazard – Tonight You Belong To Me*
Sekiden – S-T-A-Y
Throw Me The Statue – Lolita
TV on the Radio – Ambulance
8-Bit – Drunk
Belle & Sebastian – Meat and Potatoes (Bonus Track)*
Alkaline Trio – Cooking Wine
Beehive and The Barracudas – Preteen Sexfiend
Hefner – Hello Kitten
Tullycraft – The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
Cursive – At Conception
The Moldy Peaches – Downloading Porn With Davo*